Elemental technology...that's the way we view successful business achievements. We believe in modeling business after patterns found in modern sciences such as biology, psychology and especially chemistry.

With the globalization effects on business stemming from the adoption of the Internet, businesses and enterprises more frequently use technology as a tool for growth, communication, innovation and longevity.

Since 1994, GDI has researched, implemented and supported a continuously growing set of technologies. In order to leverage these technologies as successful business tools, one must understand business from a macro view.

At GDI, we illustrate our view of business using the analogy of the Periodic Table of Elements. Each element represents a factor in the equations of success and goals. Technologies, contributors, princples, goals and infrastructure components all affect the daily operations of business.

We build custom software applications, processes and organizations by architecting and blending a unique set of these elements to meet the needs and goals of our clients.

To view our table of elements, including the Services we offer and Solutions we build, click the image below.

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