Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA, is an area of enterprise technology currently increasing in scope and acceptance. Exposing small and large components and systems as 'services' offers a variety of business and IT benefits that greatly improve a company's ability to reach its goals.

Technology companies are not the only benefactors of SOA efforts. Companies in all industries are improving the way they conduct business with the advent of SOA tools and technologies.

Are you leveraging your company's data effectively? Can you benefit from new ways to communicate with your suppliers or other internal applications? Are you looking for a long-term infrastructure upon which your company can build its IT assets?

In the past few years, SOA has grown beyond its original ideas as an architecture upon which enterprises can build cost-effective applications. Several companies have released infrastructure software tools that realize the vision of SOA.

In addition to the COTS software packages, GDI is ready to build, expose or re-engineer you application's features as SOA-friendly services. Applications built with this model allow your company to better:

  • Align your business ideas with your IT capabilities
  • Securely integrate your IT systems with your partners and suppliers
  • Develop applications faster
  • Develop more agile business applications
  • Decrease the long-term cost of IT
  • Improve business processes and standards
  • Leverage a company's data with stronger business intelligence (BI) tools

For more information on GDI's SOA Solutions, contact a GDI today!

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