Large enterprises have multiple investments in IT. In most cases, enterprises pay for similar IT assets in multiple projects. This unnecessary overhead is costly to the bottom line and inhibits enterprises from delivering products and services in the timeliest manner.

Enterprise Architecture is focused on aligning an enterprise's projects and applications to share resources, re-use components, follow standards and ultimately deliver projects faster and less costly, with a higher level of quality.

How much is your company investing in IT today? Tomorrow? Are your current IT systems meeting the needs of your customers, business divisions, decision makers? What IT assets do you currently own that can be leveraged in other profitable ways?

If you are concerned with these questions, or any other issues related to your company's ability to leverage information technology to your benefit, an exercise in Enterprise Architecture may be a wise move. GDI provides architectural services to:

  • Align your business minds with your technical minds
  • Evaluate and leverage your existing and future technical assets
  • Develop a strategy to grow your business, using IT where practical
  • Monitor, evaluate and enhance your processes and procedures
  • Create a framework of governance and accountability
  • ...and several other approaches to evolving your company as a whole

At GDI, our goal is to help you fine tune your company's approach to business using information technology, human ingenuity and a vision of the enterprise's future.
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