Software applications are only effective when used the way they were designed. Training users promotes efficiency and effectiveness. Training engineers promotes future software successes.

But software evolves as quickly as a businesses needs change. Many of the details in IT applications remain in the minds of the architects and developers. Getting those details in writing promotes longevity in the applications.

Can your engineers benefit from learning new technologies? Do your users understand your applications? Are your applications re-engineered or reverse-engineered every few years?

Training and documentation are too commonly under-budgeted. This leads to loss of knowledge, inefficiencies and improper use of applications. Consequently, companies frequently pay 2-10 times as much in the future to re-develop applications from scratch.

For companies with in-house IT departments, GDI provides technical training in the following areas:

  • Software design models
  • Industry standards
  • Infrastructure tools
  • Best practices
  • Numerous technologies
  • ...and more

In addition to training engineers, GDI also provides end-user training for applications we have been contracted to design and develop.

Technical documentation is also our specialty. You will be assured that knowledge isn't lost as time passes and new engineers enter the project.

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