Every employee shares something in common...we all create more work to do. When this extra work gets unmanageable or becomes costly, companies crack down by optimizing the areas they feel need optimizing.

IT is no different. The solution is improved Standards and Governance. Standards provide a common set of terminology, practices, procedures and tools for employees, businesses and industries to collaborate. Governance ensures that the participants in a project/strategy/business follow those standards and procedures the way they were intended.

Does your industry mandate sensitive information regulation? Does the left hand of your company not know what the right hand is doing?

GDI's portfolio includes companies in several industries. In addition to building industry-compliant software applications, we have compiled several common standards that fit all IT systems and promote reliable, agile and secure applications.

But standards and regulations are not effective until they are properly enforced. GDI's governance services ensure that everyone follows proper procedures, owns accountability and continuously improves those procedures.
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